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    A Clear Picture of the World

    Vanmeter is a lover of uncertainty. It’s where he finds opportunity. He was forced out of lucrative computer hacking. But forgery? The mysterious Kule Fat presented him with all the art forgery supplies he could ever need, but no painter.

    Rome is where Vanmeter has to go to find his painter. But first he must travel to Zanzibar.

    And Vanmeter’s mother Clara needs taking care of. A poor West Virginia woman who never traveled anywhere.
    She knows nothing about her son’s plans and she doesn’t know she’s leaving West Virginia—for good.

    An adventure of a lifetime that changes their lives in ways they never imagined.

    Everett Heath’s new novel, “A Clear Picture of the World,” is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle eBook.

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    Quincy is the most popular celebrity in the world. It’s the near future and times have changed. She decides to disappear from the limelight and ends up residing in a community for the cast offs of society, haphazardly run by a rogue priest and his psychiatrist lover.

    Almost immediately Quincy takes charge, and the residents aren’t happy, neither are their benefactors. But the priest is relieved and soon he and his lover depart, leaving Quincy to take over.

    It’s a strange time and even stranger place, and new people arrive, people Quincy has never thought about much less encountered in her elite life, yet she may have just found her new home.

    “Quincy” is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle eBook.

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    The Handyman’s Habit of Larceny

    Saunders Ravel makes beautiful furniture. But he is now compelled to get all the pieces back from their owners. His new acquaintance, Roscoe Armstrong, a man of complication and reluctant to befriend Saunders, has his own problems. He knows being a good Samaritan can be a foolish endeavor–and sometimes dangerous. What the men have in common is they both have women they have loved for a lifetime, and they are running out of lifetime to get them back.This is an improbable love story.

    “The Handyman’s Habit of Larceny” is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle eBook.

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    The American Savior

    An unforgettable, indefinable hero of time, place, and natural disasters. The life and fantastic coincidences of fighter pilot Earl “Duke” Neuhaus, whose mysterious benevolence leaves a mark on all who get close to him, in the places his military career takes him–Texas, Florida, Alaska. Each person he encounters is changed for life, and they in turn fuel Duke on his journey across late 20th Century Americana.

    “The American Savior” is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle eBook.