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The Handyman’s Habit of Larceny

Saunders Ravel makes beautiful furniture. But now he is compelled to get all the pieces back from their owners. His new acquaintance, Roscoe Armstrong, a man of complication and reluctant to befriend Saunders, has his own problems. Roscoe knows being a good Samaritan can be a foolish endeavor–and sometimes dangerous. What the men have in common is they both have women they have loved for a lifetime, and they are running out of lifetime to get them back.

This is an improbable love story.

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The Handyman’s Habit of Larceny

Everett Heath

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Everett Heath

We are very excited to introduce you to Everett Heath. He lives in Honolulu.

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Reader House Publishing was established to expose new writers to imaginative readers.  We are starting with Everett Heath, who has written three novels we believe will find increasing readership over the years.  His debut novel, The American Savior, is available from Amazon in paperback and electronic download.  Everett’s second novel, The Handyman’s Habit of Larceny is now available! For the time being, we are concentrating on Everett Heath. Thank you for visiting Reader House Publishing.