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The Handyman’s Habit of Larceny

Everett Heath’s new novel, Quincy, will be available in June 2018!

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The Handyman’s Habit of Larceny

Everett Heath

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Everett Heath

We are very excited to introduce you to Everett Heath. He lives in Honolulu.

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We are concentrating on Everett Heath.  We believe in full that Everett will find increasing readership over the years.  His debut novel, The American Savior, is available from Amazon in paperback and electronic download.  Also available on Amazon is his second novel, The Handyman’s Habit of Larceny.

His next novel, Quincy, is due out in June 2018. Much different than his previous work.

Everett is currently collaborating with Charles Masters  on a short story series that include select photos from Charles. (checkout Charles’ work via his link on Very exciting! We’ll keep you posted on their progress.

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